Kawaii Monster Creebles, Handmade Designer Plush Toy

Image of Kawaii Monster Creebles, Handmade Designer Plush Toy

While they are kind, gentle beings, Creebles are exceedingly skittish creatures. Since they can hear incredibly well with their enormous ears, it is rare to ever spot one in the wild! Creebles dwell in the ancient woodlands of eastern Shlii, and their nests are mainly found in small, flowery meadows in the middle of these thickly wooded areas. It is a common belief that the Creebles are shy due to their exceptionally large tongues. They don’t realize we think they’re even cuter for it!

This listing is for one Creebles doll. This doll is hand-crafted by Jackie Ashley in her Norfolk, VA based studio. It’s made with ultra soft Minky fabric, a faux fur puff tail, and embroidered facial features. The doll stands at 10.5″ tall and is weighted with poly-pellets. Each Creebles doll takes four studio hours to complete. The Creebles character design and embroidery artwork are Shlii originals, and the base sewing pattern for the doll was created by PlanetPlush.

***Since this plush is handmade upon order, please allow two weeks craft time. In addition to the two week turnaround time, domestic shipping takes about three days and international shipping takes about 10 to 20 days time.***

Ships USPS First Class or First Class International.