Rainbow Fox KaleidoKitsu Handmade Doll

Image of Rainbow Fox KaleidoKitsu Handmade Doll

The KaleidoKitsu live high above the clouds on the highest mountain in the Cotton Candy Mountain Range. While their dwelling is inaccessible to all other living creatures, the KaleidoKitsu can be seen almost daily as they bound across the tops of clouds, creating sparkling rainbows. In their original state, their body and tail are silver. There are rare instances, however, when a KaleidoKitsu misses its mark and falls to the earth. From this point on, its tail permanently change into a beautiful spectrum. Some believe this change is to mimic the sparkling rainbow ability it once had in the sky. These vibrant and rare KaleidoKitsu spend the rest of their lives as ground dwellers and search for a loving home to welcome them.

KaleidoKitsu dolls are handmade by Jackie Ashley in Norfolk, VA. They measure eleven inches long from head to tail. They're made of extremely soft Minky and faux fur with embroidered facial details. The dolls are lightly stuffed with polyfil and weighted with plastic beanie pellets. The KaleidoKitsu character design and embroidery artwork are Shlii originals, and the base sewing pattern for the doll was created by PlanetPlush on Etsy.

Made upon order. Please allow me two weeks craft time plus shipping time. Ships USPS First Class or First Class International.