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Mercorgi and Friends Coloring Book

$5.00 / On Sale

Dive in and have a coloring adventure with Mercorgi and the Norfolk Merdogs! These adorable saddle-stitched books are 8.5" x 5.5" and feature a thick gloss cover and 10 coloring pages. Due to the varying levels of detail, this coloring book is fun for both children and adults.

Each coloring page has a blank back page to prevent bleed-through to a second illustration. The paper weight is perfect for both colored pencils and markers. However, I do recommend inserting a piece of scrap paper underneath your coloring page when using markers just in case there's any bleed.

This cute, original coloring book was created thanks to a Stretch Goal add-on to the 2016 Mercorgi Plush Kickstarter and is dedicated to all of my Kickstarter Backers.

Available at $5 each or two books for $10.

Ships USPS First Class and First Class International.

Cover, book design, and page illustrations Copyright © 2016 Jaclyn Ashley.

  • 1 Coloring Book 80%
  • 2 Coloring Books 50%