Norfolk Merdogs Buttons


These adorable 1.25” merdog pinback buttons come in a pack of five or as singles. These buttons make super cute, unique accessories for your clothing, backpack, and/or handbag and also make really sweet gifts to dog or mermaid lovers. Your buttons will arrive in cute packaging, so you can decide if you’d rather keep them or gift them to a friend.

Merpug, Mercorgi, Merboston, Mershiba and Merfrenchie are currently available.

The Norfolk Merdogs were created in 2013 by Jackie Ashley of Norfolk, VA. After making yetis and bigfoots, Jackie wanted to continue making kawaii cryptid designs. Mermaids seemed like the obvious next choice, but she wanted to change it up! She created the Norfolk Merdogs line in 2013. It was inspired by her love for dogs and influenced by seeing the City of Norfolk mascot sculptures everywhere, which just so happens to be a mermaid.

Ships USPS First Class or First Class International. Please give me 1-3 days packaging time.


Shlii, an indie toy business, began in 2010. It is owned and single-handedly run by self-taught toy designer and artist, Jackie Ashley. She currently resides in Norfolk, VA with her husband and dog.

Jackie's goal has always been to brighten the mood of her customers with cute and goofy toy designs and accessories. The three focuses of Shlii Kawaii Toys are Patience, Dedication, and Love.

No one at the residence smokes, however her craft room and office are dog-friendly so please take that into consideration if you have any pet allergies.


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